When used in archival, pharmaceutical and hospital applications it is often necessary to have the Coroplast® act as a carrier through a sterilization system.

Coroplast® may be wiped down with alcohol with no effect on the material.

There are many types of autoclaves on the market. Coroplast® is being autoclaved (in excess of 3 years) in many situations. There are some extreme settings which will be damaging and we suggest a trial to determine performance in your equipment.

Ethylene oxide gas sterilization has no effect of an kind on Coroplast® and may be repeated any number of times.

One of the most damaging forms of sterilization is by the use of gamma radiation. A single treatment is not critical; however 4-5 exposures to the Standard AECL-2.5 mega rad dose will be sufficient to make the polymer brittle and initiate breakdown.