Coroplast® introduced Spunbond laminated sheets to solve your class “A” packaging needs. We will provide you with our quality standard Coroplast® material with Light Blue or Gray 100 % polypropylene poly spun laminated to either one side or two sides. Poly spun material is not UV treated.


  • Soft hand created by dimples in fabric; just like the fabric you see on the airlines.
  • Non-abrasive for class “A” surface requirements.
  • Hydrophobic repels water to some degree.
  • Excellent for packaging and dunnage needs.

Typical Physical Properties

Property Value Standard
Fiber content Polypropylene  
Fabric Weight (ounce) 2.5  
Thickness 16 ASTM D1910
Tensile MD (lbs) 60.2 ASTM D1682
CD (lbs) 46 ASTM D1682
Elongation MD (%) 103.6 ASTM D1682
CD (%) 132.2 ASTM D1682
Air Permeability (cu sq/sq ft/min) 284.8 ASTM D737-75

Coroplast® has gone through an extensive material qualification and testing program to ensure the proper combination of process, materials and adhesion levels is well suited for our customer’s packaging needs.

Based on the samples tested, the results indicate good adhesive integrity throughout the extreme temperate ranges.  Abrasion protective qualities were good providing parts were protected water saturation.  Water saturated samples negate the protective qualities of spunbond and lead to testing failure and scuffing of class “A” surfaces almost immediately.  As with all packaging applications, simulated transport testing should be conducted utilizing the actual packaging and parts to be protected as the configuration of the parts can play a significant role in the success or failure of the protective packaging.

We believe the information contained in this bulletin is correct and to the best of our knowledge and tests. The recommendations and suggestions contained herein are made without guarantee or representation as to the results. We recommend that adequate tests be made in the customer’s laboratory or plant to determine if this product meets all of the customer’s requirements.

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