Automotive Solutions for Coroplast® Product

Automotive and transportation industries rely on Coroplast®’s innovative material solutions for auto interior components, wall panels and partitions, tractor side walls, and more. Coroplast® products also ensure secure packaging of chrome, glass and painted-finish parts.

Coroplast® Print – Tougher than corrugated fiberboard, lighter than solid extruded plastic, waterproof, weather resistant and stain resistant, Coroplast® is ideal for a wide range of structural automotive applications.

Brushed Fabric Lamination – Protect your automotive parts from abrasion during shipping and handling with this sturdy, cost-effective solution.

CORO-GARD™ – Conductive polypropylene sheet made for protecting electronic devices from electrostatic damage in transport.

Crosslinked Foam Lamination – Added abrasion and cushioning protection for shipping and handling of automotive parts.

Spunbond Lamination – Dimpled fabric creates non-abrasive soft hand for Class A surface requirements – ideal protection for auto parts.

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