Resistance of Coroplast® to Various Chemicals

A. Organic

Regent 20◦C (68◦F) 60◦C (140◦F)
Acetic Acid (10%) Nil Nil
Aceton Nil Nil
Ammonium Hydroxide (10%) Nil Nil
Benzene Slight Moderate
Carbon Tetrachloride Moderate Severe
Citric Acid (10%) Nil Nil
Cyclohexanoi Nil Slight
Detergent (2% liquid) Nil Nil
Ethanol (96%) Nil Nil
Glycerine Nil Nil
Isopropyl Alcohol Nil Nil
Lactic Acid (20%) Nil Nil
Methanol Nil Nil
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Nil Slight
Nitrobenzene Nil Nil
Turpentine Slight Moderate
Xylene Moderate  Severe

B. Inorganic

Regent 20◦C (68◦F) 60◦C (140◦F)
Ammonium Hydroxide (10%) Nil Nil
Hydrochloric Acid Nil Nil
Hydrogen Peroxide (10%) Nil Slight
Nitric Acid (70%) Nil Nil
Phosphoric Acid (85%) Nil Nil
Potassium Hydroxide (50%) Nil Nil
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) Nil Nil
Sulphuric Acid (98%) Nil Moderate
Sulphuric Acid (10%) Nil Nil
Water Nil Nil

*Degree of attack after 90 days under test.  Concentration of reagent 100% unless stated.

NIL- Negligible effect

Slight – Some attack but function of part unimpaired

Moderate – Satisfactory for some applications

Severe – Unacceptable