Coroplast Recommended Complementary Equipment and Supplies

Coroplast Recommended Complementary Equipment and Supplies

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Inks for Coroplast© Treated Polypropylene Corrugated Plastic:

  • Conventional Screen Ink (Indoor Applications or Short-term outdoor Applications)
  • Nazdar® - 7900 Series Corogloss is a solvent-based screen ink formulated for transportation graphics, real estate signs, POP, and other outdoor signage application
  • UV Screen Ink (Best for Long Term Outdoor or Indoor Applications)
  • Nazdar® - N1200 Series UV CoroPlus Screen Ink

Flatbed Printers

  • Gerber Scientific Products - the world leader in the development and manufacture of computerized sign making and specialty graphics systems, software, materials, and accessories.

  • Gerber Solara ION - a wide-format UV inkjet that is both a true flatbed and true roll-to-roll printer. Its advanced GerberCAT™ cationic inks and low temperature patent-pending Cold Fire Cure™ technology make it compatible with a wide range of materials, including those sensitive to heat. The printer produces flexible, three-year outdoor-durable graphics that are instantly usable on rigid material up to 64" wide, 120" long, and up to 1" thick, with speeds up to 639 ft²/hr and resolution up to 1440 dpi; 4 color.

  • Gerber Solara UV2 - a highly affordable and versatile large format UV hybrid inkjet. The printer produces flexible, three-year outdoor-durable graphics that are instantly usable on rigid material up to 60" wide, and up to 1/2" (13mm) thick, with speeds up to 75 ft²/hr and 300 x 360 dpi native resolution, 600 dpi apparent resolution; 6 color.

Screen Printing Products

  • Ulano Corporation - Complete source for screen making products; equipment, film and chemicals

Sign Vinyl

  • Gerber Scientific Products full line films offer the quality, dependability and color range necessary for you to be responsive to the needs of your customers. Full line films are also available in a wide range of widths, in both punched and unpunched formats, for either your friction or sprocketed plotter or your EDGE printed graphics

Ultrasonic Welders

  • Dukane Corporation - Dukane's technologically advanced ultrasonic welders for plastics assembly are available in 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 70 kHz frequencies. These components are available as single units or standalone assembly systems, or they may be integrated into automated machinery.

  • Branson Ultrasonics - Branson Ultrasonics Corporation is the global industry innovator in the design, development, manufacture,and marketing of plastics joining and precision cleaning equipment.


  • Parker Davis Co. - StepStakes® provide the maximum economy for an attractive, durable, and easy to use outdoor sign installation when used with a 4mm corrugated plastic sign board.

Flute Knives

  • Plastkut - Knife for corrugated plastic sheet

  • SawTrax - The Guardian Knife Guide sheet cutter and Coro-Claw® Flute Cutter are our newest cutters for the Sign Industry. Vertical Panel Saw, Vertical Panel Router, Saw Table and Router Table are guaranteed to never go out of square thanks to Accu-Square™.