Microfilament fabric laminated Coroplast® provide a cost-effective solution to our customers who need additional abrasion protection for their class “A” packaging application.


Microfilament fabric combines very good textile and mechanical properties. Like traditional microfiber, it is soft and lightweight, but at the same time, it is very strong. Microfilaments are endless, which make them perfectly lint-free. Microfilament fabric is an ideal material to be in contact with sensitive surfaces for protection. It can be cut, dyed, printed, and finished like other fabrics.

Coroplast® has gone through an extensive material qualification and testing program to ensure the proper combination of process, materials and adhesion levels is well suited for our customer’s packaging application needs.

Microfilament Properties

Fiber Content Polyester
Fabric Weight 100 grams
Type Structure Nonwoven
Yarn Type Microfilament
Method of Coloring Disburse Dyed
Type Filament Man Made


  • Soft Hand like the fabric you see on some headliners and trim panels
  • Non-Abrasive for Class A surface requirements
  • Excellent for packaging and dunnage needs
  • Virtually lint free
  • Durable and washable

We believe the information contained in this bulletin is correct and to the best of our knowledge and tests. The recommendations and suggestions contained herein are made without guarantee or representation as to the results. We recommend that adequate tests be made in the customer’s laboratory or plant to determine if this product meets all of the customer’s requirements.

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