Flame Resistant Board (FRB) is a premium grade twin wall board made with a block-copolymer polypropylene resin with a unique Coroplast® flame inhibiting additive.

Printing on FRB

Coroplast® FRB requires inks formulated for this type of product. The recommended solvent based screen printing inks formulated for Coroplast® should be used for best appearance and adhesion.

Coroplast® FRB is corona treated full width on both surfaces. Corona treatment is needed for all printing applications. It is recommended that ink tests be performed prior to production of parts.

Corona treatment also improves the performance of most adhesives.

Fabrication with Coroplast® FRB

Coroplast® FRB can be die cut or slit on standard conversion equipment.

Coroplast® FRB have a higher mineral content than regular Coroplast® due to the flame inhibiting additives. Higher mineral content usually increases stiffness and decreases flexibility which may require adjustments to die cutting equipment to maintain optimum performance. Die cutting and creasing becomes easier as the temperature increases. It is recommended to die cut and crease Coroplast® FRB at room temperature or warmer for optimum performance.

Static Build-up

Plastics develop static charge during any handling. This build-up becomes most evident during screen printing or converting.

Coroplast® FRB have a static-free additive which minimizes the build-up by quickly dissipating the charge. The static-free additive requires moisture in the air; therefore, the more moisture in the air the better the system works.

Abuse Resistance

Coroplast® FRB can be cleaned with soap and water and most solvents without affecting the sheet properties or appearance.

Coroplast® board is resistant to dings and punctures.

Product Gauge mm Color UL94 Class Typical Applications
Flame Resistant Board 2m to 6mm Standard Colors 94 V-2 Displays, trade show booths, heat exchange media, construction, temporary walls

UL Test Procedures

UL94 vertical burn

Test method:  10 second applications of a ¾ inch Bunsen flame to a vertical piece of ½ inch wide plastic.  The total burn time of both applications is added together.  Test is repeated 10 times.

Criteria:  V-2; flame extinguishes self within 25 seconds per test strip.  Drips are allowed to ignite cotton.

Note:  FRB extinguishes self within 25 seconds.  V-0 requires flame extinguish within 5 seconds; however, drips cannot ignite cotton.

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