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Spunbond Lamination

Spunbond Lamination

At the request of our customers, Coroplast introduces SPUN BOND LAMINATED SHEETS to solve your Class A finish needs. We will provide you with our quality standard Coroplast material with 2.5 ounce Lt. Blue or Black 100 % polypropylene Poly Spun laminated to either one side or two sides. Poly Spun material is not UV treated.

Typical Physical Properties

Property Value Standards
Fiber Content Polypropylene  
Fabric Weight (ounce) 2.5  
Thickness 16.0 ASTM D1910
Tensile MD (lbs.) 60.2 ASTM D1682
CD (lbs.) 46.0 ASTM D1682
Elongation MD (%) 103.6 ASTM D1682
CD (%) 132.2 ASTM D1682
Air Permeability (cu.sq./sq.ft./min.) 284.8 ASTM D737-75


  • Soft Hand – created by dimples in fabric, just like the fabric you see on the airlines.
  • Non-Abrasive for Class A surface requirements.
  • Will break down in landfills.
  • Hydrophobic – repels water to some degree.
  • Excellent for packaging and dunnage needs

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